1st slot DA

Dark Arthindol
  • Attack (%)
  • HP (%)
  • Control Immune (%) (Dark)
  • Speed
  • HP (%)


With the new 1.13.65 patch, DA had a rework on her 3rd passive ability. Her below 50% threshold ability was changed into a very powerful on hit ability that has a 50% chance to increase her attack by 60% as well as a 30% chance to reduce the attackers energy by 30 when taking damage. A very powerful ability that can greatly change the flow of battle. This ability is what makes DA now a viable choice as a 1st slot. However this doesn't mean she is a first slot tank. Her role is more of a disruptor that involves lowering energy while dealing insane amounts of damage at the same time. One of her biggest threats is cc, there are a lot of cc heroes out there that can stun her for a good time. This is why I recommend using an HP/speed stone with either Guilty Crown or Magic Stone Sword as artifact of choice. the HP/speed stone gives 13% less HP but ensures she doesnt lose the speed advantage to retaliate the next turn. Control immunity reduces the chance she gets taken out by cc, making it more likely for her to go ham at the enemy turn on the next round. In this position you don't want to use an energy artifact on her, because she will lose her sweeping potential if you do. Consider DA more of a counter hero on the first slot. One that is capable of taking hits, while punishing opponents in the following turn.

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